Bullet-Proof Body Armor

If your line of duty potentially puts you in the way of any firearm round larger than a 9 mm, you need more protection than what soft body armor is rated to provide. Go Tactical has the bullet-proof armor you need to enhance or replace your soft armor system.

Bullet-Proof Armor Options

Go Tactical carries ballistics-tested body armor from top manufacturers:

    Armor Express
    Armor Express takes pride in the quality of their body armor, which meets or exceeds up to four different testing standards:armor1 Bullet Proof Body Armor

    • NIJ
    • DEA
    • FBI
    • AE (Armor Express’ proprietary system)
    Their seven bullet-proof body armor plate technologies are independently tested, and results are outlined on their Plate Matrix.

Both manufacturers offer bullet-proof body armor in various cuts with single and multiple curves as well as ballistics-proof helmets and shields.

Bullet-Proof Body Armor Fitting

Bullet-proof body armor comes in standard plate sizes and allows for no alterations. To ensure you get the right protection and most comfortable wear, you need to make sure you get the right plate sizes for your figure and the right plate carrier. The concierge team at Go Tactical makes sure you get both. We are factory-trained by our body armor manufacturers to properly fit officers for soft and hard armor. Plus, we are knowledgeable about all body armor systems, so we can help you compare brands and systems to make sure you get the right level of protection and stay within your agency’s budget.

Visit our Albuquerque showroom or contact us to coordinate mobile concierge service for agency-wide body armor fittings outside the greater Albuquerque area.

For bullet-proof body armor that is lab- and field-tested to ensure performance, Go Tactical or go home!

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