Body Armor Fitment

Some parts of first responder uniforms cannot be simply taken off the rack or altered in-house. When it comes to ballistics or spike protection, you must have body armor custom-fit to your body. Go Tactical understands the importance of proper fitment for body armor…that’s why we accept no substitutes for body armor measurements completed by our certified professionals.

Why Fitment Matters (So Much)

The importance of body armor fitment cannot be understated. Because body armor is a custom-cut, custom-made product, there is a financial component to getting it exactly right. If it doesn’t fit, it simply cannot be used or (re)sold. But even more importantly, body armor has to fit exactly right so that it provides the highest level of protection.

Ill-fitting body armor leaves officers vulnerable to life-threatening hazards—bullets and blades. The proper fit can make the difference between an officer making it to the end of the duty day or not.

How We Ensure Proper Body Armor Fitment

There is one way to achieve proper body armor fitment—proper measuring. Armor Express™ has developed a proprietary measuring system that gathers about a dozen data points for every officer being outfitted. In addition to knowing what measurements to take, the concierge taking the measurements must know how to take accurate measurements.

All measurements are plugged into a computer system that calculates exact specifications for every plate and vest.

Go Tactical has two factory-certified professionals who take measurements for all body armor orders.

How to Get Custom Fitted for Your Body Armor

When it comes to body armor fitment, Go Tactical will not bend on our policy—we will not accept measurements for body armor taken by anyone except our certified professionals. That leaves two options for getting customized body armor from Armor Express:

  1. Visit our Albuquerque showroom for dedicated concierge service.


  1. Contact us to coordinate mobile concierge service for body armor fittings for your entire agency.

Once your fitting is complete, ask your concierge when you may expect your custom body armor as order fulfillment timelines vary.

There’s too much at stake to compromise body armor fitment. Get your body armor fitting done right. Go Tactical or go home!

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