Soft Body Armor

For most first responders, your uniform is not complete without the bullet and spike protection of soft body armor. Go Tactical carries top-quality Level II and IIIA soft body armor in men’s and women’s cuts for a range of applications.

Soft Body Armor Options

Go Tactical carries soft body armor from manufacturers that have a reputation for quality:

These brands provide soft body armor systems designed for applications ranging from EMT/EMS, corrections and law enforcement. All soft armor systems offer light-weight protection from spikes and/or up to 9 mm rounds plus flexibility and comfort. Soft armor systems may be designed for outer cover or concealed wear.

Soft body armor systems include:

  Armor Express Survival Body Armor
Ballistic Protection Razor
Spike Protection Gemini


The soft armor systems we carry vary in the technology they use, accommodating a variety of needs and price points. Your dedicated concierge can help you find the soft armor system that best suits your on-duty needs and your agency’s budget.

Expert Soft Armor Custom-Fitting

For optimal protection, soft body armor needs to fit snugly, but a close fit should not be uncomfortable. Go Tactical ensures the highest level of comfort and protection by ensuring proper fit. Our concierge team is factory-trained by our body armor manufacturers to take measurements so that body armor is cut to fit you.

Once your custom body armor is delivered, there are a few adjustments that may enhance comfort, such as cutting to reduce rub on the neck and/or underarms. However, body armor cannot be altered like a uniform. Since measurements must be precise, we insist that our team do them. You may either visit our Albuquerque showroom for body armor fitting, or you may contact us to coordinate mobile concierge service for body armor fittings for your entire agency.

Soft body armor provides protection; the right cut provides comfort.
Make sure you have both—Go Tactical or go home.

Outfitting America’s First Responders