Flashlights are an essential component of any officer’s outfit. Whether you need a flashlight for on-person carry or to stow in your vehicle, Go Tactical has the quality products you can depend on.

Flashlights Made for the Job

Adequate lighting can make the difference on the job. Being able to see what’s in front of you can prevent injury, save your life, and help you spot and preserve evidence. That’s why your flashlight Has. To. Work. Even top-of-the-line flashlights from outdoor recreation retailers aren’t good enough. You need better. Go Tactical carries them.

Go Tactical carries flashlights from brands the understand your line of duty:

  • Streamlight
  • Inforce
  • ASP

These brands offer superior performance and back them with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Because the Right Flashlight Makes a Difference

The concierge team at Go Tactical are highly trained and knowledgeable about all our products. In fact, we have a specific training program just for flashlights. We can help you find the best flashlight for:

  • Your intended use—personal or duty, with/without a firearm
  • Your carry method—on-person or stowed
  • Your body composition (for on-person carry)
  • Your power needs (i.e. rechargeable vs. replaceable batteries)

When you visit our Albuquerque showroom, you will have a dedicated concierge to answer all your questions. If you are outside the greater Albuquerque area, please contact us. A concierge may offer personalized consultation over phone or email.

What Else Can We Help You Find?

The wide selection of duty-ready flashlights is just a sample of the gear Go Tactical carries to outfit first responders. We carry the products that not only complete your uniform but that also offer enhanced comfort, easier access and better performance. Visit our showroom to find the right gear…and find out how much having the right gear makes your on-duty hours easier.

Because your flashlight could make the difference on duty…Go Tactical or go home.

Outfitting America’s First Responders