Military Equipment

Go Tactical is the place to go to get uniforms, footwear and body armor for duty, but our showroom has a lot more to offer. We have a large selection of equipment for military applications and military-grade equipment that may be used for personal or recreational purposes.

Equipment for Military Purchase and Payment

Go Tactical carries equipment that meets specifications for use in one or more branches of the Armed Forces. All equipment that has been approved for military application must have a National Stock Number (NSN), and much of our equipment has this identifier. Please ask a member of our staff for the NSN if you need it for equipment purchase.

Array of Military Equipment

Go Tactical carries a wide variety of equipment designed for military use and/or made of military-grade materials, including:




Apparel accessories

  • Covers
  • Gloves
  • Belts
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Tactical watches




Equipment accessories

  • Firearm holsters
  • Knife pouches
  • Tactical bags
  • And more
military NSN Military Equipment

Our staff is continually trained on all the products we carry. Please ask to learn more about the performance of each product and for brand comparisons.

Browse In-Store or Online

The showroom at Go Tactical displays many of the military equipment items we carry, and you can find more in our online selection. Visit our Albuquerque, NM location or browse online to find the items you need. Please contact us if you need assistance with your military equipment purchase.

Go Tactical carries a wide variety of military equipment in-store and online. Visit our Albuquerque showroom or browse online for military uniform and equipment accessories.

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