OC Spray & Accessories

OC spray is one of the most effective non-lethal take-down methods at your disposal. To ensure you have the right protective capabilities on your person, Go Tactical carries a wide variety of OC spray products and accessories.

OC Spray Options

Go Tactical features Sabre Red OC spray products. This brand offers a wide array of options, including:

  • Strength (hotness)
  • Spray type—liquid, gel, foam, Omni-stream™
  • Flip-top/Trigger-top
  • Sizes

Sabre takes pride in formulating pepper spray products that are “maximum strength,” which, as they define it, are twice as hot as other pepper sprays on the market.

If you are new to Sabre’s products or to carrying protective spray in general, our concierge team can help you find the right size and carry method for you.

OC Spray for Law Enforcement Only

A number of the OC spray products at Go Tactical are labeled “Law Enforcement.” These products are intended for use by security and law enforcement officers, and we require professional credentials to purchase them.

Products not labeled “Law Enforcement” are suitable for civilian use. They may be purchased without any specific identification requirements.

OC Spray Accessories and More

For OC spray to be useful, it needs to be easily accessible at all times. Go Tactical carries a variety of pouches and holders to secure your OC spray to your duty belt or carry it concealed. We are knowledgeable about all New Mexico security and law enforcement agencies’ uniform specifications, so we can narrow your product selection to carry accessories that conform to your agency’s requirements.

Visit our Albuquerque showroom to find all the gear you need to complete your outfit and enhance your personal safety. For questions about product warranties, returns or exchanges, please contact us.

Go Tactical carries Sabre Red OC spray to ensure you have maximum strength protection at your fingertips.

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