When finding footwear for all-day comfort on the job, do not overlook your socks. The lining between your foot and your shoe has a lot to do with the health and comfort of your feet. Go Tactical carries socks that are made with first responders in mind.

A Higher Quality of Socks

Law enforcement, security and public safety officers on their feet for ten to twelve hours at a time demand a lot from their socks. Socks must provide:

    tactical woman Socks

  • Lasting cushion for optimal comfort
  • Moisture-wicking to keep feet dry
  • Odor-blocking technology

Average socks do not offer what you need. The socks at Go Tactical do.

Socks in Your Size and Color

Go Tactical carries all sock sizes, and many brands offer a range of colors appropriate for uniform-wear. Most socks list men’s foot/shoe sizes, but size ranges accommodate women’s feet. Your dedicated concierge can help you find the right size and type of socks to outfit you with a complete footwear system for duty wear.

Sock Returns and Replacements

In the event that the socks you purchase are the wrong size, simply bring them back (with receipt) for an even exchange. In the event that your socks did not perform as expected, please visit our Albuquerque showroom or contact us. The brands we carry cover their products against manufacturer defect, and you may be able to get replacement socks at no extra cost.

The health and comfort of your feet demand the right socks. Find them at Go Tactical.

Outfitting America’s First Responders