Men’s Academy Shorts

The academy will teach you all the basic skills you need for police duty…including how to dress. Cadets are expected to conform to a strict dress code, even for physical training (PT). Go Tactical carries men’s shorts that meet dress code specifications for all agencies’ training academies.

Academy PT Short Specifications

Albuquerque Police Department actually specifies two types of men’s shorts for academy PT:

  1. Mesh and lined, 100% Nylon
  2. Spandex/stretch shorts to be worn below the mesh shorts

Both pairs of shorts must be black, and only a manufacturer logo may be visible.

APD’s specifications for shorts are fairly standard; most other agencies require the same or very similar men’s shorts.

Academy Shorts When You Need Them

Go Tactical takes pride in outfitting all first responders, including first responders-in-training. We regularly communicate with all academies in the greater Albuquerque area to make sure that we have the men’s shorts and other uniform items in stock for each new recruit class.

In the event that the shorts you need for the academy are out of stock or not available in your size, we can order them for a quick-turnaround. For recruits outside the greater Albuquerque area, please contact us.

Completing Your Cadet Uniform

Go Tactical has more than men’s shorts for academy PT. We have all the items you need for a complete cadet uniform. We carry the brands your academy may specify for pants and/or shirts, and our in-house alteration team can make sure all uniform pieces neatly fit you.

We are proud of your choice to serve your community, so we put ourselves at your service. Visit our Albuquerque showroom today to get outfitted for the academy.

Go Tactical carries men’s shorts required for academy PT.

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