Men’s Performance Shirts

For many types of first responders, traditional fabrics just aren’t good enough. For lines of work that require more advanced capabilities, you may need performance shirts. Go Tactical offers the selection, product expertise and customer care you need to find the best performance shirt for your needs.

Enhanced Performance You Can Expect from Our Performance Shirts

Most men’s performance shirts are constructed from synthetic fabrics and/or fabric blends that feature enhanced capabilities, such as:

  • Nano-moisture wicking
  • Water repellant
  • Wind resistance
  • Rip-stop
  • UV protection

Performance shirts can be worn as outerwear or base layers depending on your needs.

Go Tactical proudly carries men’s performance shirts from 5.11 and Elbeco—brands with a reputation for quality and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Performance Shirt Styles Available

All styles of men’s shirts are available in our performance apparel:

  • Short-sleeved
  • Long-sleeved
  • Polos
  • Pull-overs
  • Button-ups

Your dedicated concierge will help you find the style and construction best suited for your line of duty. Proper fit and construction are important since custom-tailoring is not recommended for most performance shirt fabrics.

A Better Shopping Experience

At Go Tactical, we know first responders need top-quality apparel and gear to perform their best on-duty. We also believe that first responders deserve our gratitude, and we make every effort to express ours by providing a better shopping experience.

When you visit our Albuquerque showroom, your concierge takes care of helping you locate the apparel, sizes and other items you need. We also provide refreshments and a space to relax. For first responders outside the Albuquerque area, we strive to make your shopping more convenient with online ordering and mobile concierge service for uniform and body armor fitting and delivery. Contact us to learn more.

Go Tactical carries men’s performance shirts that offer the advanced capabilities you need in the field.

Outfitting America’s First Responders