Customized Uniforms for Your New Mexico Agency

Go Tactical takes pride in offering a higher level of service when outfitting New Mexico’s law enforcement and public safety agents. Our higher level of service includes the ability to custom-design a uniform that reflects the unique history of your agency while providing the performance your agents demand in the field.

Why Customize Your Agency’s Uniforms?

New Mexico has a rich history that extends well-beyond our nation’s founding, and many communities wish to commemorate that heritage. Law enforcement and public safety officers’ uniforms can provide one means by which to reflect and celebrate your community’s unique history and culture.

Uniform Customization Process

Go Tactical simplifies the process of customizing agency uniforms so that you can get your officers outfitted in less time than you might think. The uniform customization process entails:

  1. Initial consultation with our design team. At IPS Tactical we take the time to learn about your community’s and agency’s history, your officers’ performance needs and other specifications.  A sales rep will go over the design you would like to create and send a proof to you with in days for Patches, Screen print, Embroidery, etc.
  2. Spec design. We generate uniform specifications and drawings for your review.
  3. Fabric selection. Our design team will help you select the fabrics that provide the features your officers need, such as nano moisture wicking, temperature insulation/regulation, etc.
  4. Custom uniform production. Your approved design is made a reality.

While completion time for customized uniform orders varies by quantity, on average, you can expect shipment of your custom uniforms within 14 days.

Customized Uniforms Custom-Fit to Every Officer

Go Tactical provides the personalized service necessary to ensure your customized uniforms custom-fit each officer wearing them. Your agents may visit our Albuquerque showroom where a dedicated concierge will take their measurements, and basic alterations may be completed while they wait. For agency-wide fittings anywhere in the state, you may contact us to coordinate mobile concierge service. Depending on the quantity of uniforms being altered, you may expect every agent to have a new duty-ready uniform within 30 days.

Go Tactical can help you design a customized uniform that reflects your agency’s unique history. Contact us for details.

Outfitting America’s First Responders