Custom Department Badges

No uniform is complete without an official badge that identifies your agency. Go Tactical can customize badges for removable or permanent application to any uniform piece or duty gear.

We Carry In-Stock and Custom-Order Badges

Go Tactical carries an array of badges for all types of agencies. We have a number of styles and designs of badges that may be personalized for private security agencies. We also have badge styles and designs that offer more customization options to meet your agency’s specifications.

Customized badges must be custom-ordered. Order fulfillment time depends on the quantity being ordered. Your concierge can provide an estimated delivery date when you complete your order.

Badge Applications

Go Tactical carries permanent and removable badges. Our selection includes:

  • Classic pin-on badges
  • Velcro-backed metallic badges
  • Embroidered badges (ideal for polos and bags)

The type of badge you need may depend on your agency’s specifications. We have profiles for most private security, community law enforcement and public safety agencies in New Mexico, so we can help you get a badge that complies with your department’s specifications.

What You Need to Get Your Badge

Department badges are part of an official uniform, not fashion statements. To ensure that only authorized personnel get department badges, Go Tactical will require proof of credentials and authorization from your department chief, sheriff and/or quartermaster.

If you have questions about what documentation you may need to order your badge when you visit our Albuquerque showroom, please contact us.

Go Tactical provides a complete uniform, including custom department badges.

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