Secret Service Uniforms

Not every officer charged with protecting public safety is plainly visible. Secret Service agents who keep a low profile can still find everything they need to be duty-ready at Go Tactical.

Apparel for Secret Service Fieldwork

Although Secret Service agents do not have or need a uniform, they do need apparel that facilitates easy movement and all-day comfort in the field. Go Tactical carries the men’s and women’s apparel you need. We carry top brands and offer a variety of shirt and pant styles in a number of colors to provide the “plain clothes” look but with superior durability and performance.

Equipment for Secret Service Agents

secret service Secret Service UniformsTo be duty-ready, Secret Service agents require specialized equipment, and Go Tactical has it all. We carry a wide variety of concealable gear, including:

  • Radio earpieces
  • Gun holsters
  • Body armor

The gear we carry for Secret Service agents is designed for comfort since items must be carried at all times as they may be needed at a moment’s notice.

Our Unmatched Service is No Secret

Go Tactical offers New Mexico’s Secret Service agents more than variety of apparel and equipment. We offer a quality of customer service you cannot find anywhere else. When you walk into our Albuquerque showroom, a dedicated concierge will help you find everything you need. Our staff are knowledgeable about every product we carry and can help you compare brands to find the apparel and equipment you need at a price that fits your agency’s or your budget.

Our concierges are factory-trained by our body armor manufacturers to properly measure you for body armor because we know fitment means everything when it comes to comfort and protection.

Secret Service agents outside the greater Albuquerque area can still enjoy top-notch service. You can browse our inventory online, and we offer mobile concierge service for apparel and body armor measurements and delivery. Contact us today to coordinate agency-wide fittings.

Go Tactical provides durable, comfortable plain-clothes apparel and equipment for New Mexico’s Secret Service.

Outfitting America’s First Responders