Women’s Academy Shorts

Female recruits can find everything they need for law enforcement and fire academy uniforms, including classroom apparel and physical training (PT) shorts at Go Tactical.

Academy PT Short Specifications

Albuquerque Police Department’s specifications for PT shorts are reflective of many academies’ requirements. PT shorts include two layers:

  • Black shorts that are 100% nylon mesh, lined
  • Black spandex/stretch under shorts

The brand logo is the only marking that may be visible on either layer of shorts.

Academy Shorts In-Stock

Go Tactical knows when new recruit classes begin at all regional academies, and we make sure we’re stocked and ready. We always carry the PT shorts, shirts and uniform apparel in women’s cuts and sizes for female cadets.

When you visit our Albuquerque showroom, your dedicated concierge will help you find the items you need. For classroom uniforms, we offer in-house alterations so that you look sharp on your first day and every day in training.

Academy Apparel Outside the Usual Schedule or Albuquerque Area

If you need PT shorts, pants, base layers or any other apparel for law enforcement or fire academy, you’ll likely find it at Go Tactical at any time. In the event that the items you need are out of stock, we can rush order them for a quick turnaround. If you cannot make it to our Albuquerque location, you may browse and order online for direct delivery or contact us to learn more about mobile concierge service.

Go Tactical carries women’s shorts required for academy PT.

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