Women’s (and Men’s) Bags

Go Tactical is the one place New Mexico’s first responders—men and women—need to go for all their duty gear, including bags for every application.

Multi-Purpose Unisex Bags

Most of the bags we carry at Go Tactical are designed for use by male and female officers and can be repurposed to fit a variety of applications. We also carry specialized bags for specific applications, such as:

    range bag Women’s (and Men’s) Bags

  • Car organizers
  • Active shooter kits
  • Emergency kits (24-hour and 72-hour)
  • Range bags

Bag styles are often available in a variety of colors, and most can be custom-embroidered to display your department badge, name/initials or other identifying text or logo.

Bags Designed for Women Only

Go Tactical caters to female officers like no other uniform supplier. To ensure that female officers’ needs are met on- and off-duty, we carry a number of tactical bags that can double as a handbag or purse. Many of the styles have a sewn-in firearm holster for concealed carry.

Our Standards for Quality

Every product Go Tactical carries has been lab- and/or field-tested to ensure that it provides the durability and performance first responders need on the job. Our bags meet the same high standards we have for quality. We know that field-use bags need to withstand a lot of wear, so the brands we carry offer superior durability.

Our concierge team is knowledgeable about all the bags we carry. Let us help you compare brands to find the right size, performance and price point to meet your needs. Visit our Albuquerque showroom or browse our selection of bags online. Contact us with your questions.

Go Tactical carries a wide selection of bags for men and women designed for field use and/or personal carry.

Outfitting America’s First Responders