Women’s Postal Service Shorts

Female United States Postal Service workers who do not qualify for contract uniforms or who need additional uniform apparel may find the shorts—and other items—at Go Tactical.

Shorts and Apparel that Meets Postal Service Uniform Specifications

The USPS has a very “branded” look that they maintain by limiting the number of uniform manufacturers and providers. Currently, Elbeco is the only postal service uniform manufacturer, and is one of the select brands carried at Go Tactical.

We can order men’s and women’s postal service shorts and any other uniform items. Because Go Tactical is not currently a contracted provider for any local USPS branch, these items are special orders, which may take four to six weeks for delivery.

In-Stock Apparel and Gear

Go Tactical carries a wide variety of products that can enhance comfort for any USPS position. Our selection of women’s apparel includes:

Visit our Albuquerque showroom for dedicated concierge assistance in finding the clothing and equipment you need for improved workday comfort.

For USPS agencies interested in making Go Tactical your contract uniform provider, please contact us. We are happy to provide mobile concierge service to UPSP locations outside the greater Albuquerque, NM area.

Go Tactical carries women’s postal service uniform shorts and other apparel for enhanced comfort.

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